Tips for choosing a mattress

Even people who have never thought about what is meant by the concept of a good mattress can appreciate the benefits of relaxing on a comfortable bed. A comfortable it makes it a mattress, so its choice should be approached with special care. It has long been proven that discomfort in a dream can cause a person a lot of diseases, be a cause of chronic depression and irritability. While a good sleep has a positive effect on the health and emotional state of a person.

There are several types of mattresses. The basis of some of them is the dependent spring unit, where each spring is connected to the other. The basis of the others is an independent spring unit, where each spring is autonomous. And there are mattresses in which there are no springs at all. So what kind of mattress to buy? How to find the mattress on which it will be convenient for you? This task is not simple, but feasible.

Consider a few types of mattresses before you buy one

Just as there are no identical people, it is impossible that everyone liked the same kind of mattress. Someone likes a softer option, someone – springy and hard. Choose based on your feelings, not the advice of others of top mattress stores.

Understand the features of spring mattresses; mattresses with a dependent spring unit – a more economical option. In Soviet times, in Russia, there was a spring bed in each house. Now, such dependent spring blocks are called Bonnel’s base. These mattresses are the most budget option.

Pay attention to the elasticity of the mattress. If you decide to buy an orthopedic mattress with a Bonnel base, choose one in which the number of springs per square meter is maximally large – in this case, the mattress will be as elastic as possible if you keep online mattress reviewers in your options.

Remember about the wear of springs. Mattresses with a dependent spring block, as a rule, are less durable, since they have the property of being squeezed with time. In this case, the mattress is completely deprived of orthopedic properties and begins to bring more harm than good. In general, any mattress loses its orthopedic properties over time. Experts advise changing the mattress every eight years. So if you feel that you should not get enough sleep for a long time, remember when you last changed the mattress.